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May 27, 2019
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XRP Gets Added Onto Giant Payment System

The market is in a grim place. If it was a book you would have probably put it down weeks ago and began reading something a bit lighter with a better ending than what is currently going on in the crypto space.

Despite the market not being on the rise, cryptocurrencies still have the possible chance of getting a mass adoption. With giant internet payment systems like Skrill supporting them, the possibility if ever growing.

According to a recent announcement made on Twitter, the payment system has included the second biggest cryptocurrency, XRP to the list of cryptos that it is currently supporting. This decision has been taken by the firm following several requests received from the supporters of the token.

Letting their users know on Skrill on Twitter they said:

Of course, XRP isn’t the first cryptocurrency to get added on the platform. But it is the fifth to get listed on Skrill. The company has already launched trading in four other highly demanded digital currencies. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum are already on the platform which is open to users of Skrill.

The CEO of Skrill, Lorenzo Pellegrino spoke on the matter and had good words to say about the crypto market:

“The world of cryptocurrency trading is exciting and dynamic. And hence our digital wallet service very much lends itself to this environment. I’m confident that the ability to trade in cryptocurrencies quickly and easily through Skrill will appeal to consumers both now and in the future.”

This shows us that cryptocurrency is slowly getting adopted by the masses. By getting onto the payments platform, more people will be able to use XRP and see it listed on the system getting more people involved in cryptocurrency.

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