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July 19, 2019
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Tron Dapps Achieve a New Landmark as It Races Ahead Beyond ETH and EOS

The wheel of Tron Dapp ecosystem success doesn’t seem to be stopping as it crosses one milestone after another. This week, Tron Dapps had some crazy achievements as it saw a volume of USD 43 million on March 6 which is a record across all public blockchains.

EOS and Ethereum nowhere close to Tron number

Tron Dapp ecosystem is relatively new and has only 179 Dapps compared to Ethereum’s 1410 and EOS’s 335 Dapps. Even after being at a nascent stage of its growth, the ecosystem is still technologically superior and free from issues that are currently plaguing the Dapps that rise on Ethereum and EOS. Ethereum is fighting a long battle against congestion while the security issues are undermining the EOS Dapps. This has led to a lot of Dapp and Dapp users to move to Tron in order to get a better overall experience as a developer as well as a user. This trend has been going one for serval months now which has now led to Tron nearly being undisputed in the battle of Dapp ecosystem. The graph attached by Dapp Review breaking this news clearly shows that Ethereum and EOS as were no match to Tron’s spike in Dapp volume that broke all records.


In terms of user acquisition as well, Tron had 33k new users over last week which was a growth of 64% clearly stating that Tron is becoming a preferred blockchain for users as well. This number was also quite large compared to EOS and ETH.


Gambling Dapps TRONbet and 888Tron largest contributor to this record

Betting and Gambling are the Dapps that are favorite among Dapp users. But these dapps require flawless performance, speed, fairness, and transparency. While Ethereum and EOS have been able to provide some of it, Tron has given the exact ecosystem what these gambling Dapps look for. This is one of the main reason Tron has been able to achieve some high numbers despite having a low number of Dapps.

On 6th March, the biggest contributors to Tron record volume were TRONbet and 888Tron – two of the simplest yet interesting and engaging Dapp on Tron. While TRONbet offers instant provably-fair gameplay with no transaction fees, 888Tron provides the short version of roulette with a payout ratio of 20:1 pulling the maximum crowd towards it.

With Tron’s technological prowess and success of these gambling Dapps, more gambling Dapps are getting attracted to Tron and this number would only multiple from here unless Tron hits a roadblock

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