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June 18, 2019
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EOS Has Reportedly Recorded Over 87 Million Operations In One Day

EOS was recently in the spotlight due to some interesting price-related predictions for Bitcoin made by EOS co-founder, Brendan Blumer.

He said that BTC would inevitably become the number one commodity to store value and this means that it will also be able to replace gold.

Gold has roughly $7 trillion outstanding. If Bitcoin were to replace gold and its market cap soared to $7 trillion, each Bitcoin would be worth around $333,333.

Dan Larimer reveals exciting news about EOS

Dan Larimer, CTO at Block.one which is a company that managed the initial development of EOS has just revealed some pretty impressive news.

A few days ago, Larimer posted on his social media account that EOS managed to set a record and the smart contract platform has recently logged more than 70 million actions in “one day.”

Larimer also added that EOS’ network has been averaging more than 810 actions per second.

87 million operations have been logged

It seems that things might stand even better than they have been presented by Larimer in his own tweet.

CryptoGlobe writes that EOS Go has the following response to Larimer’s tweet, “EOS Go” (@go_eos), a community hub and a “neutral” source of information on updates related to EOS, posted a link which appeared to confirm that the EOS network had registered over “87 million actions.” Notably, this averages out to “more than 1 thousand actions per second,” EOS Go estimated.”

The online publication also notes that according to Blocktivity which is a website that tracks blockchain activity, it seems that EOS has managed to process an average of more than 21 million operations during the past week.

They also noted that Tron (TRX) was the second on this list and it processed 1.4 million operations on average during the past week.

They also noted that the accuracy of the data has not yet been confirmed.

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